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Senior Asset Manager

Financieel – Benelux – Geplaatst op 14-11-19
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  1. General information
Position title: Senior Asset Manager
Department: Asset Management


  1. Position in the organization
Reports to: Head of Asset Management
Direct reports:
Indirect reports: Works with junior Asset Manager


  1. Purpose of the position
§   To oversee and manage portfolios of real estate assets across the Benelux region.



  1. Position context
§  In this role you will be responsible for the direct performance of the assets and for executing on their respective business plans. This role will report to and work closely with Head of Asset Management and -Acquisitions as well as the Asset Management team.
  1. Position content
Key areas of responsibility and accountability §   Review and approve annual operating budgets and business plans for each asset in line with investors strategy.

§   Collaborate with third-party property management companies, leasing, and real estate tax / legal consultants and other stakeholders associated with the assets.

§   Develop strategies to maximize the value of each real estate asset by working with peers as well as with management.

§   Inspect individual assets on an as-needed basis, including documenting of necessary action items.

§   Oversee the preparation and update of performance reports.

§   Review property, financial reporting and variance analysis and coordinate with accounting stakeholder to ensure that financial statements are accurately presented.

§   Track progress of CapEx spending at the properties to insure timely completion.

§   Work with the senior management to dashboard metrics and enterprise reporting systems.

§   Design, develop and refine tailored real estate financials (e.g., cash flow, valuation, reforecast) and business models using Excel and/or other software to support the decision-making process for real estate transactions.

§   Participate in the acquisition process by providing a capital expenditures schedule following on-site inspection of assets and by providing input on proforma budgetary forecasting.

§   Manage the takeover of new assets/transition of the Acquisitions Team and ensure a smooth and successful transition into the portfolio.

§   Participate in the disposition of an asset by providing summary reports and forecasts.

§   Develop business plans to promote revenue growth by gathering market and other relevant data, analyzing and identifying emerging trends, assessing the impact on the Company’s market position, and communicating issues, threats, opportunities, and other pertinent information to the senior management team.

§   Identify operational, financial, and business areas for improvement, develop innovative solutions, and implement new technologies, procedures, or tools that improve efficiency and productivity.

§   Keep abreast of current changes in technology, processes, and standards within the industry and area(s) of responsibility.

Authorities §   Signing
Special assignments (Projects?) §   As required


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